Deoma Care is an online cosmetics store that supplies Korean products to countries all around the world. We are experienced in the Cosmetics business since 2009.
You can order our products here through the website online and we ship worldwide.
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No! We avoid using Chemicals in our products and only use the best possible natural ingredients like natural essential oils and Vitamins. Our formulation is composed with minimal to no preservatives. We’ve included a full listing of ingredients for each product on the website.
This will vary according to each person’s skin and the product being used, however for most of our products, you can see a difference after the 21 days of using regularly. For a long lasting result, it’s more recommended to use the products you need at least for 3 to 6 months.
We got a variety of products that are made especially to deal with the skin issues that most of the women face, such as Acne, Melasma, pigmentation, non-even skin, pores, scars, dark circles, etc. You can always read the detailed description for each and every product, to find the most suitable product for your condition.
Our products are made carefully so that it suits all the skin types, including the sensitive skin. If you have broken or irritated skin, you must consult your doctor before using any product.
No, absolutely not! We’re totally against that policy.
Yes, it can help you reduce the appearance of the scars and give healthier skin.
Our customer service team is available on the live chat and they can always help you to choose the right product that’s the best for your condition. Don’t hesitate to contact them any time to get an advice whenever you need.
Deep-cleanse your face well twice a day and if possible, expose it to steam to open the clogged pores in your skin or use a Derma roller for better absorption and complexion. It’s also recommended to use a sun-block before getting exposed to the sun with 15 minutes. Massage the cream on in upward circular motions.
Not at all, our products are 100% safe on any skin type.
Yes, it’s 100% safe to use during pregnancy with zero side effects.
Our products are clinically tested and we guarantee you that they will work perfectly on the tough skin conditions after a regular use, as they reduce the dark circle and pigmentation.

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